A Cut Above…

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Victor Stone, is a highly skilled photographer and cinematographer. With a passion for capturing moments, Victor has honed his craft over many years, becoming known for his ability to tell stories through his lens. Whether shooting still images or moving footage, Victor’s work is a testament to his eye for detail and his unique perspective on the world around him.

Cinematography is undeniably one of your greatest lifelong investments. This is something that you want to do right.

Victor Stone is a talented individual with a passion for music and art. He graduated from North Carolina Central University with a major in music and a minor in art and education. With his diverse background and education in both music and art, Victor has developed a unique perspective on the role these art forms play in our lives. He believes that music and art have the power to unite people, bring joy and comfort, and leave a lasting impact. Through his photography and videography, Victor continues to spread this message and inspire others to explore the arts.

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